Blocks for the trail are designed on wood, sectioned together on an 8' x 8' frame. The design is then mounted on the side of a barn or structure. The patterns are selected by a committee or block sponsor. Artists are usually local painters, junior or high school art class students or a variety of volunteers. The cost is approximately $250 - $350.
(The owner of the structure is in no way liable for the welfare of anyone participating in this process.)

Below are photos of the quilt blocks that have been developed along with GPS coordinates and any information that is known about it.

Need Photo
CA-1 Maple Leaf Quilt Block
Newsome Ham Store
Princeton (Caldwell Co.)
Corner of Hwy 91 and Washington St.
LAT: 37.0628
LONG: -87.5249
CA-2 Flying Geese Quilt Block
Caldwell Co.
1.25 miles west of Hwy 139 and Hwy 91
11685 Marion Rd.)
LAT: 37.0838
LONG: -87.5547
CA-3 David & Doris Mitchell
9275 Cadiz Road
Princeton, KY
LAT: 36.5847
LONG: -87.5140
CA-4 Quilt Block
Caldwell County
Mary Boone
21808 Marion Road
Fredonia, KY 42411
LAT: 37.132896 N
LONG: -88.4432 W
CA-5 Quilt Block
Caldwell County
Mary Boone
21808 Marion Rd.
Fredonia, KY 42411
LAT: 37.132896
LONG: -88.4432

CH-1 Terhune-Red Schoolhouse mural was the first Christian County exhibit.
GPS Coord.
LAT: 37.86944
LONG: -87.349167

NOTE: There are 2 more of the Red Schoolhouse Blocks located in Lyon County (L-1) and in the City of Hanson (H-1) (see photo below).

CH-2 Historical Society - Pennyroyal (Christian County)
GPS Coord.
LAT: 36.864722
LONG: -87.486667
CH-3 Quilting Club Barn
- Ohio Star w/Jackie Sommerville Family (Christian County)
GPS Coord.
LAT: 36.921389
LONG: -87.581944
CH-4 Swatzell - Lemone Star w/Linda Ryder Family (Christian County)

GPS Coord.
LAT: 37.0125
LONG: -87.6864

CR1-Carpenter's Wheel
Marion Inn-
Crittenden County.
(Rosalind Hills, Owner)

GPS Coord.
LAT: 37.3003
LONG: -88.0786
(1 mile south of Marion on US 641/KY 91)

Barn Lot & Trees located at Crittenden Farm Supply.
(Barry Newcom, Owner)

GPS Coord.
LAT: 37.3286
LONG: -88.0854
(Located approx. 300 yards west of intersection 641/91 and US 60 on US 60)

H-1 City of Hanson
Red Schoolhouse Block
Hwy 41 North @ Sunset Road

GPS Coord.
LAT: 37.2502 = North
LONG: -87.2800 = East

H-2 Tradewater Cafe
Robert & Eleanor Estep and Roger Brogan
Dawson Springs

GPS Coord.
LAT: 37.1640 = North
LONG: -87.6985 = East

H-3 This was the first quilt pattern hung. It was made by Charles & Lesley Coburn from Nortonville, KY. Is located at Fango's True Value General Store (Hopkins County).

GPS Coord.
LAT: 37.1640 = North
LONG: -87.4499 = East

H-4 William & Linda Sullivan
White Plains

GPS Coord.
LAT: 37.1896 = North
LONG: -87.3909 = East

L-1 Red School House
Dean Akridge Barn
LAT: 37.1010
LONG: -88.0240
L-2 David Ramsey
LAT: 36.5939
LONG: -88.0000
M-1 Piper's Saw Shop Greenville (Muhlenberg County)

LAT: 37.1250
LONG: -87.10479

M-2 Rose Hill Monument Bldg. Central City (Muhlenberg County)

LAT: 37.1726
LONG: -87.06515

T-1 Trigg County
Front - Flying Geese Block

GPS Coord.
LAT: 36.8758
LONG: -87.7539

T-1 Trigg County
Same Barn - Back

GPS Coord.
LAT: 36.8758
LONG: -87.7539

T-2 Trigg County
Boots Randolph Golf Course
Lake Barkley State Resort Park

GPS Coord.

Quilting Bee
Quilting Bee
Quilting Bee
Pennyrile Resource Conservation & Development Area, Inc.
3237 Eagle Way
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
(270) 885-8692

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